About Dannette & Michael

Dannette and Michael came together in 2015 through their love of Yoga and devotion to living life well. Introduced by a friend, it became immediately clear they were destined to create great things together.

One of the many interests they share is the love of the subtle practices of Yoga to help heal trauma, practices like Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. As an Army Veteran of the first Persian Gulf War, Michael spent years managing the debilitating effects of combat – PTSD, concussion blast TBI, chronic pain, and more. And while Dannette never faced the trauma of war, her own experience with traumatic brain injury and the subsequent years of chronic pain allowed them to relate on the deepest of levels and fueled their desire to both heal and help others to heal.

This desire eventually led to their first in-depth collaboration – Stress Relief Simplified Summit

Over the course of 24 days Dannette and Michael interviewed trauma experts and thought leaders in the yoga and wellness industry; leaders like Dr. Peter Levin, Richard Miller, Katie Hendricks, Rick Hanson, and Nischala Joy Devi. Each interview focused on the impact of chronic stress on our personal and cultural wellbeing, and offered simple practices to reduce the impact and increase wellbeing. As part of their commitment to being of service, the Summit was a free event and the interviews, which are rich with information, will remain free on YouTube for as long as the platform allows. You can access those interviews here: Stress Relief Simplified Summit

And here’s a short clip of just one of the many outtakes from filming that gives you a glimpse into life with Michael and Dannette.

As the new owner and operations manager of Yoga Oceanside, Dannette and Michael are committed to continue their personal journeys of healing while supporting others to do the same through their teachings, trainings, workshops, and event offerings at YO.

Every day is a new adventure. Every day they both support and challenge each other to be the best version of themselves. Yoga brought them together, and Yoga continues to be the vessel that allows them to know and express their truth.