StudioPropWallYoga Oceanside was designed and created, and is always evolving, by a group of Yoga practitioners who believe in the importance of making an ancient tradition accessible and meaningful to all. Our hope is to provide opportunities for you to feel connected with the tranquility that resides within you and then to share this experience with others. We feel advanced Yoga practice begins when you step off your mat.

All of our classes include inspiring themes taken from real life exploration blended with the dedicated study of Yoga. Our teachers aspire to live Yoga and openly share their journey, including the celebrations and challenges, they encounter along the way.

We teach to people not to the pose.

No two bodies are the same and each person lives in a body unique to them. Our classes do not follow a script or endorse a cookie cutter approach. Instead our teachers provide enough instruction for students to make the practice their own, yet maintain a sense of connection to the class. We urge people to honor their body in the moment and follow their own inner teacher.

We are committed to offering a non-judgmental environment – there are no mirrors on our walls for many reasons and this is one of them. We’ve seen how yoga can easily and sadly be reduced to a sweaty work out – we see Yoga as a way of working in – to connect with our true nature and innate wisdom. We hope your Yoga practice will take you inside yourself to observe and accept bodily sensation, feelings, and thoughts as they arise. From there we can begin to remember we are already perfect and whole just as we are, right now! Yoga Oceanside is a place to practice and feel safe. A place to blossom and live your highest potential.

Yoga Oceanside is a dedicated Yoga Sanctuary and Green Studio.

In the construction of this space we have made every effort to be mindful of green building practices and uphold a quality of craftsmanship that lasts over time. To leave a minimal footprint on the earth can be a challenging endeavor when faced with economic realities. However, Yoga Oceanside is committed to the values of reduce, reuse, recycle. We purchase products that create the least amount of harm and support companies and individuals who share our values. We are a Certified Green Office using only recycled paper products and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

What makes us a green studio?

  • eco-friendly yoga mats provided for rent and sale
  • cork yoga blocks
  • solid, responsibly harvested bamboo studio floor with cork underlayment
  • non-voc paint on walls
  • windows and doors purchased from used building supply
  • natural, chemical free cleaning supplies
  • Printing on post-consumer recycled paper
  • 100% recycled gift wrap bags and tissue for boutique purchases
  • advertising and marketing done primarily using email and social networking rather than “flyering” – like us on facebook and sign up for our¬†eNewsletter list to receive current info about studio offerings

We are People Friendly, Community Friendly, Earth Friendly!

Come join us in exploring how to live life from the fullness of unlimited possibilities.

Peace, Love and Namaste,
Danielle and Melanie


Yoga Oceanside’s Intention:

May this space be a safe refuge to encourage your hopes and dreams

May this space bring peace of mind and laughter into your life

May this space provide healing and strength for your physical body

May this space deepen your connection to spirit and uplift your soul

May this space open your heart and mind to the truth of your unlimited potential