Workshops and special events are an opportunity for you to explore your practice by
learning new insight and being active in a supportive, knowledgable community.

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APRIL 2018

Yoga by Candlelight with Melanie Wassman
Friday, April 20th, 6:00 – 7:15pm
Come enjoy yoga by the warm glow of candlelight! Set to groovy music, this vinyasa flow class allows the student to go within and connect with body, mind, and spirit. This class will guide you away from the tensions of the day while remaining physically challenging and spiritually motivating. $20.00 drop-in; or use your class series. FREE for Monthly Members.

Yin Yoga Training with Melanie Wassman
Saturday, April 21st – Monday, April 23rd
In this weekend course, we will explore: The difference between Yin and other forms of Yoga; What is tension vs. compression and how does it relate to Yin Yoga; Yin Yoga alignment and appropriate stressing of tissue, supportive modifications, and contraindications; Energy flow and introduction to the Meridians (Nadis); Learn and practice the Yin postures. Monday will be dedicated to the teaching of Yin Yoga, emphasizing the sequencing of a classes and building class themes. (Attention Yoga Teachers: This training qualifies for CEUs and 300 Hour Advanced Training Program. True Nature Graduates receive 20% discount.) Pre-registration:Saturday & Sunday $150; all three days $225. For complete details click here.

Reiki Master Training with Danielle Fowler and Melanie Wassman
Friday, April 27th, 1:30 – 6:00pm
Master level is a significant personal commitment and a pathway to personal growth. This training is specifically designed to strengthen your knowledge of Reiki, help you become a competent Reiki Master, and teaches you to attune others into the Reiki Practitioner tradition. You will receive the Master attunement, learn the master symbol and be prepared to confidently share the knowledge and process with others. (Prerequisite: Level 1 & 2)

Healthy Habits 21 Day Jumpstart with Melanie Wassman CNC, ERYT
April 28th, May 5th & May 12th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Feeling like you need to make some changes, but not sure how? Living a healthier, happier life can be as easy as making small daily choices that lead up to lifelong changes. Holistic health means taking care of your being as a whole: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional; and implementing little habits of self-care to enhance our health and achieve more balance in our lives. Let go of old habits and create new, healthy, and enjoyable ones that will help you feel your absolute best! For all the details of this comprehensive program click here.

MAY 2018

Restorative Yoga + Reiki with Geanette Floyd
Friday, May 4th, 6:30 – 7:45pm
You’re invited to feel the amazing benefits of Restorative Yoga practice and Reiki healing touch. Restorative Yoga is a gentle style of yoga that encourages conscious relaxation. Restorative postures elicit the “relaxation response,” a feature of the parasympathetic nervous system, which balances the body and mind. In Restorative Yoga, we breathe with awareness and practice the art of letting go, of being rather than doing. This state of deep relaxation not only alleviates stress but also strengthens the immune system while generating serenity and peace of mind. This class will include the nurturing, relaxing and healing touch of Reiki. $20.00 drop-in; or use your class series. FREE for Monthly Members.

Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga with Danielle Fowler
Sunday, May 6th, 1:00 – 6:00pm
Sanskrit is an ancient language, but it is far from archaic. Sanskrit terms provide a level of precision that underlies both yoga practice and philosophy. For most of us, however, pronouncing the vowels and consonants of Sanskrit accurately can be challenging. Once the alphabet has been learned it is possible to develop a vocabulary of Sanskrit terms and to recite mantras with assurance. This is a fun process, and one that leads to a wider understanding of yoga itself. $75 pre-registered; $85 day of
(Attention Yoga Teachers: This course qualifies for CEUS and 300 Hour Advanced Training Program. True Nature Graduates receive 20% discount.)

Kinetic Mindfulness with David Phears
Friday, May 11th, 6:30pm – 7:45pm
Kinetic mindfulness is a practical hybrid of meditation, active breath work and body movement. It is designed to to be used in managing daily stress, balancing anxious emotions and strengthening the mind/body connection on a daily basis. From the freeway to the boardroom, the classroom to the courtroom, the bedroom to the dentist o ce, k.m. tools can be used by anyone to create a di erent experience of empowered ease and grace all day, everyday. $20.00 drop-in; or use your class series. FREE for Monthly Members

Study Group: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Facilitated by Danielle Fowler
Monday, May 14th, 6:00 – 7:30pm

Come join a group of curious Yoga Practitioners to study the ancient wisdom imbedded within the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. This authoritative text outlines the art and science of Yoga revealing the profound philosophy and practices for attaining Self-Actualization. In this class we will read and discuss the text, as well as put into practice some of the suggested techniques for cultivating a calm and tranquil mind. This class is open to everyone. $20.00 drop-in; or use your class series. FREE for Monthly Members. (Attention Yoga Teachers: This training qualifies for CEUs and 300 Hour Advanced Training Program. True Nature Graduates receive 20% discount.)

Reiki 1 Training with Danielle Fowler & Melanie Wassman
Friday, May 18th, 1:30 – 6:00pm
Reiki I training prepares you to provide Reiki healing on yourself and encourages the practitioner to have direct experience with Reiki energy. Level 1 training is a practitioner’s initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during Level 1 is for self-healing through balancing and harmonizing the major energy centers known as chakras. The Level 1 initiation opens the central energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy. It connects the student to the universal energy permanently, allowing them to channel the energy whenever they wish. We emphasize self-Reiki as the goal of the Level 1 designation, encouraging students to focus on practicing Reiki on themselves, thereby doing the personal work to clear obstacles and experience optimal wellbeing. This training also includes an instructional manual. $225.00 pre-registration is required.

Book Club: Marrow by Elizabeth Lesser
Facilitated by Gale Gibbons
Monday, May 21st, 7:00 – 8:15pm
Please join us as we discuss this wonderful memoir about the relationship of sisters (and self). This journey is beautifully conveyed in a quest of acceptance, authenticity, and the multifaceted layers of love. FREE for everyone.

JUNE 2018

One Day Retreat: The Four Paths of Abundance with Danielle Fowler
Monday, June 4th, 9:00am – 5:00pm
We will practice movement, relaxation and meditation together. We will learn wisdom from the Yoga tradition and apply it to modern life. Most importantly, we will gather with the intention of gaining self awareness, connecting to our best self and learning new tools for health and happiness. (Attention Yoga Teachers: This training qualifies for CEUs and 300 Hour Advanced Training Program. True Nature Graduates receive 20% discount.) $135 pre-registration; $165 day of. Light vegetarian lunch will be served.