Workshops and special events are an opportunity for you to explore your practice by
learning new insight and being active in a supportive, knowledgable community.

Pre-registration for workshops is recommended. 

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Two Candlelight Classes in January
Restorative w/Dannette
Friday 1/10/20, 6-7:15pm
Immerse yourself in the nurturing power of Restorative Yoga. Designed to create an inward moving experience of nurturing and healing, Candlelight Restorative incorporates sound, guided imagery, the support of bolster and blankets, and subtle movements to guide you within.
Active Flow w/Melanie
Friday 1/31/20, 6-7PM
Set to the music of Coldplay, this vinyasa flow class allows the student to go within and connect with body, mind, and spirit. This class will guide you away from the tensions of the day while remaining physically challenging and spiritually motivating.
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January Sound Events

Sound Healing is a form of Vibrational Medicine and is based on the scientific principles that all matter, and most importantly, the cells in your body, vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy and to a dissonant frequency when unhealthy. Resonant vibration, rhythms and tones can balance brain hemispheres, stress levels, and even tension in body tissues and cells that have fallen into dis-ease or dis-harmony. The use of tuned, deep-vibration instruments such as crystal bowls during healing and meditation can balance these dissonant frequencies and bring them back into harmony.
When you “hear” a crystal bowl, you will feel it as much as you hear it. The sound is so pure and visceral that it begins to train your body how to hear information throughout your body, not just in your ears. Learning to listen with your entire body is transformational.
If you have attended the Wednesday evening Sound Bath with Sarah Beebe you’ve likely experienced the transformation that is possible with her magical symphony of sound.
And if you haven’t had the experience yet, take advantage of the special $5 promo rate for the month of January. Just $5 to experience the deep healing of sound – every Wednesday at 7pm.
Interested in learning about the science of sound and how to play crystal bowls? Sign up for the special three hour workshop on Saturday, January 25th, 1:30-4:30pm. And then stay for a special Lunar New Year Soundscape event to follow. Your cells will thank you!
Details in the flyer below.


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Healthy Habits 21 Day Jumpstart
with Melanie Wassman CNC, E-RYT500
3 Saturdays: February 1st, 8th, and 15th
1:30pm – 3:00pm
Investment: $95

Feeling like you need to make some changes, but not sure how? Living a healthier, happier life can be as easy as making small daily choices that lead up to lifelong changes. Holistic health means taking care of your being as a whole: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional; and implementing little habits of self-care to enhance our health and achieve more balance in our lives. 

In this 21 day program you will receive:

  • 3 group sessions where Melanie will lead a discussion and give you the tools for a successful week and answer questions.
  • Weekly calendars to track your journey with inspirational items to do each day. 
  • 21 days of healthy and simple recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Bonus! Melanie will be available to you via email during the 21 days to support you on your healthy habits journey!
  • WEEK 1: Nutrition – Learn the importance of eating Whole Foods and receive easy to make recipes to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. We will do grocery store tour (at Frazier’s) to find out how to navigate the aisles and nutrition labels. 
  • WEEK 2: Movement – Find out why it’s so important to move your body everyday. Melanie will lead an all levels yoga class and give you tips to incorporate activity into your daily life. Find out if vitamins and supplements are beneficial or a waste of time. 
  • WEEK 3: Mind + Lifestyle – Learn about the benefits of meditation and practice a technique that will help jumpstart your daily meditation practice. Melanie will also discuss what foods to eat for hormone health and maintaining a better mood and a clear mind. You will identify any the habits that may not be serving you. These could be in the kitchen, the home products you buy, and in your relationships. 

Let go of old habits and create new, healthy, and enjoyable ones that will help you feel your absolute best! 

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March 2020

Reiki 1 Training with Danielle Fowler and Melanie Wassman
Sunday, March 8th, 1:00 – 5:30pm
Reiki 1 training prepares you to provide Reiki healing on yourself and encourages the practitioner to have direct experience with Reiki energy. Level 1 training is a practitioner’s initiation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during Level 1 is for self-healing through balancing and harmonizing the major energy centers known as chakras. The Level 1 initiation opens the central energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy. It connects the student to the universal energy permanently, allowing them to channel the energy whenever they wish. We emphasize self-Reiki as the goal of the Level 1 designation, encouraging students to focus on practicing Reiki on themselves, thereby doing the personal work to clear obstacles and experience optimal wellbeing. This training includes an instructional manual.
Please pre-register $225. Click here to register.