Meet Your Dedicated Teachers

Yoga Oceanside teachers teach from their dedicated study and personal practice. They seek to embrace the rich history of the Yoga tradition while seeing the value in the diverse contemporary styles and approaches. With respect to the ancient Yoga teachings, they experiment, innovate, and share what they discover remaining open to the evolution of practice and new understanding.


mel Melanie Wassman  and  Danielle Fowler danielle

Founders, Owners, Yoga Teachers, Marketing, HR, Accounting, Maintenance, etc. and enjoying every moment. Please introduce yourself to us. We love to meet every student and will talk yoga 24/7. Namaste.


Yoga Oceanside Teachers


maria Maria Anderson, RYT 200
After working in the medical field, Maria immersed herself in the health and fitness industry focusing on disease and injury prevention eventually becoming a certified Personal Trainer. Although she was headed in the right direction, she felt she was missing something. When her sister introduced her to Yoga, " . . .it was as if I found that missing piece. Yoga introduced me to the merging of body and mind through my breath. Yoga literally and figuratively opened me up. It taught me how to use my breath to overcome my fears and anxiety. It opened my mind, opened my heart, and taught me gratitude and forgiveness.
The practice opens us up to our strengths and the goodness we already have." As Maria practiced regularly, new doors started opening and past experience started making sense. For example after teaching a group fitness class back in 2000, an older (wise) woman handed her the book "Light on Yoga" by B.K.S. Iyengar. She had left a note on the book to return it when finished, no rush. Having only seen her around the club a couple of times then never again, the book was forgotten, until it showed up during her Yoga Teacher Training. In 2012, Maria completed her 200 Hour Training through True Nature School of Yoga. She hopes to share the amazing benefits and beauty that Yoga has to offer.


sarah Sarah Blanchard, RYT 200
Sarah has a passion for adventure and exploration. Little did she know the greatest journey she would ever take would be the one to find her true Self. She was drawn to yoga in search of healing after suffering most of her life from severe migraines. Through yoga she gained a deep awareness of body, mind, and spirit, as well as connection to her breath. Feeling happy and healthy she knew she wanted to share this practice with others and decided to attend Peak Beings YTT in Hawaii. Inspired by her teachers, peers, and travels, Sarah aims to bring a sense of inner strength to each of her classes. She encourages explorative movement free of judgement and expectation, so each person can leave feeling refreshed, balanced, and blissful.


leslie Leslie Denny, E-RYT 500

Leslie Denny is a yoga and fitness instructor who has been practicing in the Oceanside, California area for over fifteen years.  Her qualifications include the E-RYT 500, registered through the Yoga Alliance, 200-hour training through YogaFit and advanced studies through the True Nature School of Yoga, of which she is a faculty member.  Leslie is a member of the Advisory Committee for Standards with Yoga Alliance and has successfully mentored and trained many yoga instructors. In her previous role as a Master Instructor with 24 Hour Fitness, she developed yoga workshops that were implemented successfully nationwide. Leslie has brought yoga to many diverse groups: cancer patients at Scripps in La Jolla, California, struggling teens at the YMCA and the Wounded Warriors Battalion West Marines at Camp Pendleton. She also co-developed the KOCT series, "Health and Harmony Yoga" which can be seen on Oceanside community channel. One of her specialties in yoga is a therapeutic approach with postures and the use of therapeutic balls for the purpose of myofascial release and self-massage. She is a strong believer that, through meditation and yoga, we can all find peace where we least expect it.


geanette  Geanette Floyd, RYT 200
Geanette came to her yoga mat in 2008 and found a deep connection.  In 2009 she completed her 200 Hour certification in Sacramento, CA. In 2014 she completed curriculum to obtain 500 hour certification requirements. Her teaching focus is designed to share the therapeutic aspects of stress relief, emotional health, self-awareness and meditation. In addition to yoga, she is a certified Reiki Level 2 healer offering hands on energy work during yoga sessions. Geanette’s passion for teaching comes from her own experiences of personal growth by holding the space for others to connect with their innate sense of wisdom and joy. Her teaching focus provides a balance of mind body awareness through gentle flow, restorative and yin styles of yoga. Off the mat Geanette enjoys spending time at the beach, drinking wine with friends, hiking, dog walking and mindful meditation.


Gale Gale Gibbons, E-RYT 200
As a native Oceansider, Gale is happy to have “returned home” to Yoga Oceanside. Gale has been working in the San Diego area as a health and wellness educator since 1978.  As an eternal student and continually evolving instructor, she is humbled to teach and study with the finest, both teachers and seekers alike. Gale is also a Licensed Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and maintains a small private practice nearby. She is currently a student in True Nature School’s Advanced Level Training Program and will be joining fellow practitioners at the E-RYT 500 level very soon! Come join her for a practice of PLAY, PRESENCE, and PEACE, three words that define her teaching.

stephanie Stephanie Knox Cubbon, RYT 500
Stephanie Knox Cubbon is a yoga teacher and peace educator who fell in love with yoga while studying in Montreal. Her yoga practice has helped her stay balanced and flexible while living around the world, in places such as Niger, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Costa Rica and now San Diego. Her desire to teach came from her profound wish to share with others the peace and joy that her yoga practice brings her. She completed her 200-hour yoga teaching certification in 2006 at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, the nation’s largest residential yoga center. She completed her 500-hour certification at the True Nature School of Yoga. She is passionate about promoting peace and sees yoga as a fundamental way we can cultivate  peace in ourselves and in the world.


Erin Erin Levinson, RYT 200
Yoga has served as nothing short of a catalyst for miraculous change in Erin's life. "It is the conduit through which I access my most authentic, awesome self" says Erin. After completing her teacher training through the True Nature School of Yoga in 2014, Erin continues a path of self study (svadhyaya), actively engaged in an ongoing learning process, she accesses fresh insights that inspire her teaching. She resonates with the excitement of walking on a path where she can share with others "Hey, no matter where you are, yoga meets you there. It is a path through which we can all shine."

natalie  Natalie Lynch, E-RYT200, RYT 500

Growing up in New York studying ballet and gymnastics, Natalie fell in love with the artistry, techniques and life-enhancing aspects of yoga. Teaching since 2007, she had the privilege as a military wife to be stationed with her husband and three kids in California, North Carolina, and Europe instructing the civilian, military and international communities. Her classes offer challenge, but are lighthearted, non-competitive and sweetened with fun. Find yourself tapping into your inner child as she creatively guides you to becoming the artist you were meant to be. Through gentle encouragement, students are invited to embrace and share their own
uniqueness so that they may feel and live their yoga. Natalie is forever grateful to all her teachers, and is honored to now call Oceanside and the YO community her home. She acquired her 500hr training with True Nature School of Yoga in 2015.


denny Denny Stoufer, RYT 500
Denny was born at a very early age in Anaheim, California, and soon escaped to find his way to the Pacific Ocean.  His fondness for salt water & surfing led him to a forty-one year career with California State Parks as a beach lifeguard, Lifeguard Lieutenant, then Captain, and finally as a Park Superintendent.  He retired from public service in 2007. His interest in Eastern Philosophies came early in his life as a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation beginning around 1969.  The asana part of his practice came much later in life; beginning around 2001. He resonates with the teachings of Ram Das and Alan Watts; the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Herman Hess, Kurt Vonnegut, and Mark Twain; the poetry of Walt Whitman and Billy Collins, and others of that ilk.  He studied Cultural Anthropology at San Diego State University. The sacred art of mandala is his most recent expression of the Yogic lifestyle. Some of his acrylic paintings may be seen at Yoga Oceanside from time to time.  He is currently exploring the mandala form in the medium of mosaics.


Ashley Ashley Strong, RYT 200

Originally, from the Southern part of California. Raised in a small town known as Oceanside. Sprouted in the community of Long Beach, Ashley found her wings as an adventurer of this world, our world. Flying her wings, expanding across the country. Into various islands and tropical environments. Through Central America. On the South East edge of Africa. Landing on Mafia Island, Tanzania. And a lot of South African in-between. Receiving my 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga certification in 2013 through YogaSix in Carlsbad, California. Ashley has had the honor of being involved in yoga events throughout California and beyond. Photographing. And participating. Contributing to the advancement and development of yoga throughout dynamic communities. "I look forward to connecting. To sharing my practice with you. To stepping into the role of being a teacher, all the while continually being a student of life."