Meet Your Dedicated Teachers

Yoga Oceanside teachers teach from their dedicated study and personal practice. They seek to embrace the rich history of the Yoga tradition while seeing the value in the diverse contemporary styles and approaches. With respect to the ancient Yoga teachings, they experiment, innovate, and share what they discover remaining open to the evolution of practice and new understanding.


mel Melanie Wassman  and  Danielle Fowler danielle

Founders, Owners, Yoga Teachers, Marketing, HR, Accounting, Maintenance, etc. and enjoying every moment. Please introduce yourself to us. We love to meet every student and will talk yoga 24/7. Namaste.


Yoga Oceanside Weekly Teachers


maria Maria Anderson, RYT 200
After working in the medical field, Maria immersed herself in the health and fitness industry focusing on disease and injury prevention eventually becoming a certified Personal Trainer. Although she was headed in the right direction, she felt she was missing something. When her sister introduced her to Yoga, " . . .it was as if I found that missing piece. Yoga introduced me to the merging of body and mind through my breath. Yoga literally and figuratively opened me up. It taught me how to use my breath to overcome my fears and anxiety. It opened my mind, opened my heart, and taught me gratitude and forgiveness.
The practice opens us up to our strengths and the goodness we already have." As Maria practiced regularly, new doors started opening and past experience started making sense. For example after teaching a group fitness class back in 2000, an older (wise) woman handed her the book "Light on Yoga" by B.K.S. Iyengar. She had left a note on the book to return it when finished, no rush. Having only seen her around the club a couple of times then never again, the book was forgotten, until it showed up during her Yoga Teacher Training. In 2012, Maria completed her 200 Hour Training through True Nature School of Yoga. She hopes to share the amazing benefits and beauty that Yoga has to offer.


leslie Leslie Denny, E-RYT 500
Leslie Denny is a yoga instructor in Oceanside, California and E-RYT 500 registered through the Yoga Alliance. In her previous role as a Master Instructor with 24 Hour Fitness, she developed yoga workshops implemented successfully nationwide. She has brought yoga to many diverse groups:  cancer patients at Scripps in La Jolla, California, struggling teens at the YMCA, the Wounded Warriors Battalion West and Marines at Camp Pendleton. Leslie is a member of the Advisory Committee for Standards with Yoga Alliance. She also co-developed the KOCT series, "Health and Harmony Yoga" which can be seen on Oceanside community channel.  She is a strong believer that through meditation and yoga, we can all find peace where we least expect it.

 Erin Levinson (pic coming soon)
Yoga has served as nothing short of a catalyst for miraculous change in Erin's life. "It is the conduit through which I access my most authentic, awesome self" says Erin. After completing her teacher training through the True Nature School of Yoga in 2014, Erin continues a path of self study (svadhyaya), actively engaged in an ongoing learning process, she accesses fresh insights that inspire her teaching. She resonates with the excitement of walking on a path where she can share with others "Hey, no matter where you are, yoga meets you there. It is a path through which we can all shine."

Faye  Faye McGarry, RYT 500

Faye McGarry found Yoga in 1999 and fell in love at first Asana! In 2003 Faye & her husband moved to the wild pacific coast of Costa Rica & she found herself surrounded by lush rainforest & wild animals...& not much else! Yoga became a very important part of her life as she met & practiced with the many teachers that passed through the area. Faye also deepened her spiritual connection by participating in meditation groups and becoming a Reiki practitioner in 2007. After moving back to Oceanside in 2011 her path led to Yoga Oceanside & it was time to dive in fully & become a Yoga Teacher! She recently completed her 500 hour YTT through True Nature School of Yoga. In her classes Faye loves weaving in elements of nature & yogic philosophy, exploring the chakra system, and using mantra and mudra to deepen our spiritual connection to our practice. She believes that Yoga has something for everyone & can be a beautiful form of creative expression, powerful yet graceful, a moving meditation and a path towards self realization. She encourages her students to move with intention and grace while at the same time not taking themselves too seriously, bringing laughter, joy and a funky beat to her classes!
"Every time we step onto our mats we are giving ourselves a sacred gift. We have a chance to grown stronger, to turn inward, to release that which no longer serves us, creating space for our best & highest good to come flooding in. Every time we practice yoga we are better for it.

jon Jon Mize, RYT 500
Five years ago Jon plunged head first into Yoga. After establishing a consistent yoga practice he attended and graduated in the first class of the True Nature School of Yoga. After graduation, Jon spent a year in self-reflection and dedicating time to studying the Yoga scriptures. He has a dedicated meditation practice and his teaching style is a blend of movement and meditation, with an emphasis on Mindfulness. Jon attended the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. He is also a graduate of the True Nature School of Yoga 500 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program.


denny Denny Stoufer, RYT 500
Denny was born at a very early age in Anaheim, California, and soon escaped to find his way to the Pacific Ocean.  His fondness for salt water & surfing led him to a forty-one year career with California State Parks as a beach lifeguard, Lifeguard Lieutenant, then Captain, and finally as a Park Superintendent.  He retired from public service in 2007. His interest in Eastern Philosophies came early in his life as a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation beginning around 1969.  The asana part of his practice came much later in life; beginning around 2001. He resonates with the teachings of Ram Das and Alan Watts; the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Herman Hess, Kurt Vonnegut, and Mark Twain; the poetry of Walt Whitman and Billy Collins, and others of that ilk.  He studied Cultural Anthropology at San Diego State University. The sacred art of mandala is his most recent expression of the Yogic lifestyle. Some of his acrylic paintings may be seen at Yoga Oceanside from time to time.  He is currently exploring the mandala form in the medium of mosaics.




Robin Robin Belson

Robin is delighted to enliven her commitment to a yogic lifestyle by teaching, studying, and practicing yoga with others. She has been a student of yoga since 1985 and has completed the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through True Nature School of Yoga and Soul of Yoga Institute. She is also certified as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She continues to deepen her studies and regularly attends workshops, trainings, and classes. Robin is honored and blessed to share her knowledge, love, energy and passion for these noble practices at Yoga Oceanside. Her classes are lively and informative. They are crafted to create an experience both on and off the mat.