Dannette Mason, E-RYT 500, Certified Yoga Therapist

Dannette is the Founding Director and lead trainer of the School of Gentle Yoga, a specialty training that focuses on the art and science of the subtle practices of Yoga. After sustaining a life-changing traumatic brain injury in 1996, Dannette began a journey of recovery that led to a regular practice and deep study of the healing aspects of Yoga. A graduate of the IAYT accredited Yoga Therapy program at The Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas CA, Dannette has studied with master teachers of many lineages, and developed a unique style, combining her studies with her personal healing journey.

Operations Manager

 Michael Linden, RYT 200

Michael is a healer and health advocate with many skills. An Army Veteran of the first Persian Gulf War, Michael spent years managing the debilitating effects of combat – PTSD, concussion blast TBI, chronic pain, and more. A father of four and successful business man, for many years he managed his symptoms through sheer will and tenacity. Until he couldn’t. When his symptoms became bigger than his resources, he turned to Yoga and Mountain Biking as practices to reduce his stress, which naturally reduced his symptoms and increased his quality of life. Committed to helping Veterans like himself learn to heal from the effects of war, Michael now a certified instructor through the International Mountain Bike Association, the School of Gentle Yoga, Connected Warriors, and SYF Trauma Sensitive Yoga, as well as a sustainable organic farmer.

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Meet Your Dedicated Teachers

Yoga Oceanside teachers teach from their dedicated study and personal practice. They seek to embrace the rich history of the Yoga tradition while seeing the value in the diverse contemporary styles and approaches. With respect to the ancient Yoga teachings, they experiment, innovate, and share what they discover remaining open to the evolution of practice and new understanding.

 Michael Ahmari RYT 200

Michael is a devoted yogi, dedicated to the many healing aspects of Yoga. A graduate of the School of Gentle Yoga, Michael is skilled at teaching styles from active Vinyasa to subtle Restorative and everything in between. Currently pursuing his certification as a Yoga Therapist, one of Michael’s many gifts is his ability to weave his hours of training and teaching into an experience that leaves his students harmonized and complete.

 Maria Anderson, RYT 500
After working in the medical field, Maria immersed herself in the health and fitness industry focusing on disease and injury prevention eventually becoming a certified Personal Trainer. Although she was headed in the right direction, she felt she was missing something. When her sister introduced her to Yoga, ” . . .it was as if I found that missing piece. Yoga introduced me to the merging of body and mind through my breath. Yoga literally and figuratively opened me up. It taught me how to use my breath to overcome my fears and anxiety. It opened my mind, opened my heart, and taught me gratitude and forgiveness. The practice opens us up to our strengths and the goodness we already have.” As Maria practiced regularly, new doors started opening and past experience started making sense. For example after teaching a group fitness class back in 2000, an older (wise) woman handed her the book “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar. She had left a note on the book to return it when finished, no rush. Having only seen her around the club a couple of times then never again, the book was forgotten, until it showed up during her Yoga Teacher Training. Maria has completed her 500 Hour Training through True Nature School of Yoga. She hopes to share the amazing benefits and beauty that Yoga has to offer.

 Sarah Beebe, RYT 500

Sarah is the Founder of Adaptive Yoga Movement, a non-profit association of yoga therapists dedicated to bringing the benefits of yoga to those with special needs of all kinds. Specialities include trauma, depression. anxiety, cancer care, cardiac care, chronic pain and illness, injury rehabilitation. Researcher and practitioner of sound therapy as a mode of relaxation, expression, and healing.

 Melissa Bethurum, RYT 200

Melissa discovered yoga in 2004.  She continued yoga through both her pregnanices. She loves being active, and yoga brought a different release. Melissa has struggled with anxiety, and by practicing yoga and studying the yoga philosophies it has brought a balance to her mind and body. She wants to share what she has learned and her yoga journey with others in hopes they find peace and balance in their lives.  She became a RYT-200 graduate from the True Nature School in 2016  and also obtained her Reiki I certificate in 2017.  Melissa plans on continuing her education as a teacher and a student.

leslie Leslie Denny, E-RYT 500
Leslie Denny is a yoga and fitness instructor who has been practicing in the Oceanside, California area for over fifteen years. Her qualifications include the E-RYT 500, registered through the Yoga Alliance, 200-hour training through YogaFit and advanced studies through the True Nature School of Yoga, of which she is a faculty member. Leslie is a member of the Advisory Committee for Standards with Yoga Alliance and has successfully mentored and trained many yoga instructors. In her previous role as a Master Instructor with 24 Hour Fitness, she developed yoga workshops that were implemented successfully nationwide. Leslie has brought yoga to many diverse groups: cancer patients at Scripps in La Jolla, California, struggling teens at the YMCA and the Wounded Warriors Battalion West Marines at Camp Pendleton. She also co-developed the KOCT series, “Health and Harmony Yoga” which can be seen on Oceanside community channel. One of her specialties in yoga is a therapeutic approach with postures and the use of therapeutic balls for the purpose of myofascial release and self-massage. She is a strong believer that, through meditation and yoga, we can all find peace where we least expect it.

 Danielle Fowler, M.A., E-RYT 500
Danielle is founding director and lead instructor of True Nature School of Yoga, where she blends her passion for teaching and learning to inspire in-depth study and practice of Yoga. Since 2001, she has taught Yoga in a variety of settings including yoga studios, corporations, non-profit organizations and schools, and has been the co-owner of two successful studios, Yoga Vista (2005-2009) and Yoga Oceanside (2010 to 2019). Danielle’s unique teaching style is inspired by her extensive training with renowned Yoga centers such as Mount Madonna and the Himalayan Institute, and masterful teachers such as Donna Farhi, Judith Hanson Lasater, Nischala Joy Devi, and Rolf Sovik. Her pilgrimages to India have embedded her into a spiritual lineage of the tradition which shines through in her sincere approach to sharing Yoga with others. Danielle graduated with a Master’s of Arts Degree in Yoga Studies from Loyola Marymount University in May 2015. For more info visit www.TrueNatureYoga.com

 Raechal Levin, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Rooted in gratitude, and steeped in compassion, Raechal’s passion for the practice of yoga is infectious! As a yoga practitioner, student and guide, she offers thoughtfully sequenced classes designed to center you in the heart, challenge your body, and quiet your mind. With over 5 years of teaching experience, 500+ hours of training, and multiple certifications Raechal is a firm believer in the healing and transformative powers of a balanced yoga practice! Integrating mindful movement, pranayama, mantra, meditation, reiki and sound healing, to address the whole self, and cultivate a deeper awareness, understanding, and connection to the Self.

 Carryn Mills, M.A., RYT 200
Carryn’s life passion is yoga. She is dedicated to exploring and sharing yoga from a place of authenticity and heart. When she took the leap of faith into her 200hr yoga teacher training, the world cracked open and she has been pursuing yoga full-time ever since. Studying as a yoga therapist with Soul of Yoga and a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University’s Master of Arts in Yoga Studies, Carryn enjoys weaving yoga theory and philosophy into practices that are supportive and accessible. She has been teaching in a range of capacities for over ten years and her work with children is a major inspiration for her approach to teaching and life. Trained as a level 1 iRest yoga nidra teacher, Carryn cultivates mindfulness through present awareness, uncovering the innate joy of being through heartfelt expression.

 Peggie Moore, RYT 500
Yoga has woven its way throughout Peggie’s life since her 20’s. While raising kids and maneuvering through life’s many challenges, a practice within a studio was not always available but her personal practice and the Santosha mantra kept everything in perspective on and off the mat. After moving to Oceanside, she committed to a consistent practice within the Yoga Oceanside community and is fulfilling a lifetime goal of sharing this gift with others, having completed the 200 hour training at True Nature School of Yoga in 2013 and the 300 hour advanced training and completion of Reiki I, II and III in 2015 and early 2016. Her hope is for every age, size, shape and ability who has the desire, find their way to yoga and to a healthier, happier life.

 Dominique Roy, RYT 200
Dominique began practicing and living her yoga in 2010 after more than a decade of clinical work in counseling and therapy. She found her yoga home at Yoga Oceanside in 2011 and was inspired to reflect the energy and love of the studio and staff. She believes that the mind~body~spirit connection she has learned in her yoga practice and training has proven fundamental to healing in her work, her teaching, and her own life. She completed the RYT-200 with the True Nature School of Yoga in 2015 and the Yin Yoga Teacher Certification. She is a Master Level Reiki Practitioner and is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga with you.

denny Denny Stoufer, RYT 500
Denny was born at a very early age in Anaheim, California, and soon escaped to find his way to the Pacific Ocean. His fondness for salt water & surfing led him to a forty-one year career with California State Parks as a beach lifeguard, Lifeguard Lieutenant, then Captain, and finally as a Park Superintendent. He retired from public service in 2007. His interest in Eastern Philosophies came early in his life as a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation beginning around 1969. The asana part of his practice came much later in life; beginning around 2001. He resonates with the teachings of Ram Das and Alan Watts; the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Herman Hess, Kurt Vonnegut, and Mark Twain; the poetry of Walt Whitman and Billy Collins, and others of that ilk. He studied Cultural Anthropology at San Diego State University. The sacred art of mandala is his most recent expression of the Yogic lifestyle. Some of his acrylic paintings may be seen at Yoga Oceanside from time to time. He is currently exploring the mandala form in the medium of mosaics.

 Erika Teren, RYT 200
Erika began her journey on the path of yoga in 2009. Having a background of a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a career as a personal trainer, she was initially attracted to the practice for the fitness benefits. It didn’t take long before the transformation occurring within her from the deeper teachings of yoga, led her to complete her first 200 RYT program in 2014, centered around the practice of power vinyasa flow. After teaching for two years, Erika was compelled to return to her studies and completed her second 200 RYT in January of 2018, graduating from the School of Gentle Yoga with an additional focus on the awareness and the wisdom of the “subtle” effects of the practice. She is currently working on her 500 RYT.
Erika’s approach to teaching is centered around the breath, as she feels this is where the timeless aspect of awareness in the present moment begins. She supports her students with cues for safety and alignment and an emphasis on listening to their own inner wisdom, allowing for discovery of their freedom within the practice.

 Melanie Wassman, CNC, E-RYT 500
Originally from Hawaii, Melanie moved to California in 1996 and began to explore different styles of Yoga. She was infinitely inspired, and loved how each of her teachers had something unique to offer the beautiful tapestry of Yoga. Wanting to take her practice and understanding further, she became a registered yoga teacher through True Nature School of Yoga in 2008. Since then, Melanie has taught yoga in hospitals, schools, Yoga studios, and on the road for touring musicians. She is a certified Street Yoga teacher, and now volunteers her time sharing the transformative benefits of yoga with homeless and at-risk youth at the Oceanside chapter of Stand Up For Kids. She strongly believes in, and has directly observed in herself and her students, the great potential of yoga to relieve stress, help heal our bodies by igniting the immune system and create a more loving and compassionate outlook on life. Her passion for Yoga and its healing properties led to an in depth study of anatomy and physiology. Currently, she is working towards her HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner) degree with a focus on Ayurveda, Therapeutic Massage, and Herbology. Most recently, she completed certification in Holistic Nutrition. Melanie enjoys sharing her vision, passion for yoga, and aloha with the community.

Substitute Teachers

Jazmine Amelia
Lori Beliveau
Lori Bessler
Katie Lalicata
Shanna Mota
Barbi Pletcher