Meet Your Dedicated Teachers

Yoga Oceanside teachers teach from their dedicated study and personal practice. They seek to embrace the rich history of the Yoga tradition while seeing the value in the diverse contemporary styles and approaches. With respect to the ancient Yoga teachings, they experiment, innovate, and share what they discover remaining open to the evolution of practice and new understanding.

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Yoga Oceanside Teachers

  Jazmine Amelia, RYT 200
Jazmine is a sound bath practitioner, meditation and yoga instructor, and reiki master. She grew up in a musical household and was coined a multi-instrumentalist at a very young age. After college, Jazmine continued to struggle with chronic lower back pain and turned to music, movement, and mantra as a way to navigate her way out of physical discomfort. In 2012, Jazmine tuned-in to the power of quartz crystal singing bowls, adding them in to her personal meditation practice. At that time, her meditations consisted of chanting mantras learned during the first of four yoga teacher trainings, beginning with Bhakti Yoga Shala and ending with True Nature School of Yoga. Now in Jazmine’s sound meditation classes, learn both active and passive meditation techniques, from toning to ritual and sound baths, helping you create a unique, personal meditation practice tailored to your individual interests and needs. When Jazmine’s not reading books on sound healing, taking music and voice lessons, or performing group and private sound baths, you can find her in her backyard homesteading with her fiancée and parents, visiting with Doula clients, or traveling the world as a flight attendant.

 Maria Anderson, RYT 500
After working in the medical field, Maria immersed herself in the health and fitness industry focusing on disease and injury prevention eventually becoming a certified Personal Trainer. Although she was headed in the right direction, she felt she was missing something. When her sister introduced her to Yoga, ” . . .it was as if I found that missing piece. Yoga introduced me to the merging of body and mind through my breath. Yoga literally and figuratively opened me up. It taught me how to use my breath to overcome my fears and anxiety. It opened my mind, opened my heart, and taught me gratitude and forgiveness. The practice opens us up to our strengths and the goodness we already have.” As Maria practiced regularly, new doors started opening and past experience started making sense. For example after teaching a group fitness class back in 2000, an older (wise) woman handed her the book “Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar. She had left a note on the book to return it when finished, no rush. Having only seen her around the club a couple of times then never again, the book was forgotten, until it showed up during her Yoga Teacher Training. Maria has completed her 500 Hour Training through True Nature School of Yoga. She hopes to share the amazing benefits and beauty that Yoga has to offer.

 Melissa Bethurum, RYT 200
Melissa was born and raised in Southern California. She pursued her passion in clothing and design by graduating from a fashion and design school. She continued her path in the industry, but still felt like something was missing, until yoga touched her life. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years and is a graduate from the True Nature School of Yoga, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Melissa has always loved being active, but yoga brought her a unique release. Melissa has struggled with anxiety, and by practicing yoga postures and studying yoga philosophy, she feels a welcome balance in her mind and body. Melissa is inspired to share what she has learned in her yoga journey with others, hoping they find peace and balance in their lives.

leslie  Leslie Denny, E-RYT 500
Leslie Denny is a yoga and fitness instructor who has been practicing in the Oceanside, California area for over fifteen years. Her qualifications include the E-RYT 500, registered through the Yoga Alliance, 200-hour training through YogaFit and advanced studies through the True Nature School of Yoga, of which she is a faculty member. Leslie is a member of the Advisory Committee for Standards with Yoga Alliance and has successfully mentored and trained many yoga instructors. In her previous role as a Master Instructor with 24 Hour Fitness, she developed yoga workshops that were implemented successfully nationwide. Leslie has brought yoga to many diverse groups: cancer patients at Scripps in La Jolla, California, struggling teens at the YMCA and the Wounded Warriors Battalion West Marines at Camp Pendleton. She also co-developed the KOCT series, “Health and Harmony Yoga” which can be seen on Oceanside community channel. One of her specialties in yoga is a therapeutic approach with postures and the use of therapeutic balls for the purpose of myofascial release and self-massage. She is a strong believer that, through meditation and yoga, we can all find peace where we least expect it.

 Geanette Floyd, RYT 500
Prior to teaching yoga, Geanette’s life was completely focused on career and all of the stresses that accompany typical Corporate America. Her life was consumed with active physical workouts, weekly business travel and poor sleep. She lacked the time and energy for connection. Deep in her soul she was longing for an inward focus, something to connect with, a broader meaning. Yoga changed Geanette’s life in a way she could have never imagined. Geanette came to her yoga mat in 2008 and found a deep connection. In 2009 she began the journey toward her 500 hour yoga teaching certification in Sacramento, CA. Her teaching focus is designed to share the therapeutic aspects of stress relief, emotional health, self-awareness and meditation. In addition to yoga, she is a certified Reiki Master offering hands on energy work during yoga sessions. Geanette’s passion for teaching comes from her own experiences of personal growth by holding the space for others to connect with their innate sense of wisdom and joy. Her teaching focus provides a balance of mind body awareness through gentle flow, restorative and yin styles of yoga. Off the mat Geanette enjoys spending time at the beach, drinking wine with friends, hiking, dog walking and mindful meditation.

  Bernie Marchand, M.A., E-RYT500
Bernie Marchand is a yoga therapist who loves the mindfulness yoga has brought into her life. She has taught thousands of students at different studios across the U.S. and graduated with her Master of Science degree in Yoga Therapy from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her classes focus on restorative movement and guided meditation. Bernie enjoys teaching public classes, designing individualized private sessions, leading retreats, and training new yoga teachers. She looks forward to meeting you and guiding you through this exploration of your heights and depths.

  Dannette Mason, E-RYT500
Dannette is the Founding Director of the School of Gentle Yoga, specializing in classes, trainings, and workshops that focus on the art and science of subtle Yoga. After sustaining a life-changing traumatic brain injury in 1996, Dannette began a journey of recovery that led to a regular practice and deep study of the healing aspects of Yoga. As a graduate of the IAYT accredited Yoga Therapy program at The Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas CA, Dannette has studied with master teachers of many lineages, and developed a unique style, combining her studies with her personal healing journey. Dannette’s signature style of meditative movement involves breath-led flows sequenced to induce an inward moving experience in both active and restorative practices. She considers it an incredible honor to live and teach in North San Diego County, where there is a growing call for a return to the subtle aspects of Yoga. It her greatest belief that every body benefits from time spent in a gentle practice.

  Traci McKnight, E-RYT 500
Traci’s yoga journey began in 2009 after a lifelong career in dance had left her body injured and ill-informed. She went to her first class by the suggestion of a co-worker and instantly fell in love. Yoga had offered a view and approach to taking care that dance hadn’t yet- the healing and transformational benefits were palpable from the start. With consistent practice, she was able to begin dancing again with tenacity, and has since danced professionally and taught dance to young people in a way that promotes mindfulness and longevity. For Traci, the past nine years have been filled with wonder, awe, deep respect and reverence for the system of yoga. She is currently a yoga teacher at the E-RYT500 level- but really she considers herself an eager student who loves to share what she learns. Her recent practice has been fueled by deeper study of yogic philosophy and text, more thorough integration of anatomical awareness through asana, daily sitting mediation, deepened understanding of the effects of various asana and pranayama techniques on the nervous system and body, and what she’s come to call non-compartmentalization (that is- truly taking yoga off the mat, into the many moments that make up daily life, relationships, self view, etc). She strives to encourage her students to live with awareness, clarity and integrity, and shapes each practice she teaches to meet the needs of those in class.

   Peggie Moore, RYT 500
Yoga has woven its way throughout Peggie’s life since her 20’s. While raising kids and maneuvering through life’s many challenges, a practice within a studio was not always available but her personal practice and the Santosha mantra kept everything in perspective on and off the mat. After moving to Oceanside, she committed to a consistent practice within the Yoga Oceanside community and is fulfilling a lifetime goal of sharing this gift with others, having completed the 200 hour training at True Nature in 2013 and the 300 hour advanced training and completion of Reiki I, II and III in 2015 and early 2016. Her hope is for every age, size, shape and ability who has the desire, find their way to yoga and to a healthier, happier life.

   Dominique Roy, RYT 200
Dominique began practicing and living her yoga in 2010 after more than a decade of clinical work in counseling and therapy. She found her yoga home at Yoga Oceanside in 2011 and was inspired to reflect the energy and love of the studio and staff. She believes that the mind~body~spirit connection she has learned in her yoga practice and training has proven fundamental to healing in her work, her teaching, and her own life. She completed the RYT-200 with the True Nature School of Yoga in 2015 and the Yin Yoga Teacher Certification. She is a Master Level Reiki Practitioner and is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga with you.

denny   Denny Stoufer, RYT 500
Denny was born at a very early age in Anaheim, California, and soon escaped to find his way to the Pacific Ocean. His fondness for salt water & surfing led him to a forty-one year career with California State Parks as a beach lifeguard, Lifeguard Lieutenant, then Captain, and finally as a Park Superintendent. He retired from public service in 2007. His interest in Eastern Philosophies came early in his life as a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation beginning around 1969. The asana part of his practice came much later in life; beginning around 2001. He resonates with the teachings of Ram Das and Alan Watts; the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Herman Hess, Kurt Vonnegut, and Mark Twain; the poetry of Walt Whitman and Billy Collins, and others of that ilk. He studied Cultural Anthropology at San Diego State University. The sacred art of mandala is his most recent expression of the Yogic lifestyle. Some of his acrylic paintings may be seen at Yoga Oceanside from time to time. He is currently exploring the mandala form in the medium of mosaics.

Substitute Teachers
Gale Gibbons
Katie Lalicata
Natalie Mazur
Rick Worthington