About Yoga Oceanside

Yoga Oceanside has a longstanding culture of providing a safe and friendly space to practice the traditions of Yoga. With daily classes ranging from subtle to dynamic, there is a teacher and class to support the diversity and individual needs of every student. For practitioners looking to dive deep into the tradition, we offer 200 and 300 hour Hatha Yoga training programs in the therapeutic tradition of Krishnamacharya.




Yoga is a holistic and inclusive practice at its core. The word itself means to Unite. It is our mission at Yoga Oceanside to provide teachings that invoke and empower unification with self and with others.

Join our community and experience the essence that is Yoga.

From Our Community

“I would like to share my love of Yoga Oceanside. It is the most welcoming and nurturing studio! Dannette knew my name after the first time we met. The teachers offer accessibility into each pose and principle. They want to make the experience available to all. It is with joy and gratitude that I am able to practice at this studio. Yoga Oceanside is my happy place. Come practice here, add to the amazing energy!”


“The space is beautiful and calming. There is a warm, friendly, community vibe here. Many of the classes are a little over an hour, which allows plenty of time for a full practice. Great range of classes from mellow to high energy. Check out a Friday night candle light yoga class with different themes of rock and roll music. The instructors are encouraging, enlightened and not pretentious. Would recommend highly!!”

M. B.

“I am visiting Oceanside and went for Restoration Yoga and had a great experience all thanks to the instructor. I truly enjoyed my time there and appreciated being there in a safe environment.”


Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour and 300 Hour Gentle Hatha Yoga Trainings.

Events & Workshops

Learn more about upcoming events and reserve your spot.


Find out more about healing sessions and Reiki Practitioner training.

New to Yoga

Begin or return to your practice with teachers and classes designed for you.

Yoga Sanctuary & Green Studio

We have made every effort to be mindful of green building practices and uphold a quality of craftsmanship in the construction of this space. Yoga Oceanside is committed to the values of reduce, reuse, recycle. We purchase products that create the least amount of harm and support companies and individuals who share our values. We are a Certified Green Office using only recycled paper products and non-toxic cleaning supplies.


Digital marketing to avoid unnecessary paper use

Responsibly harvested bamboo floor with cork underlayment

Natural, chemical free cleaning supplies


Windows and doors purchased from used building supply

Eco-friendly yoga mats provided for use and sale

Cork yoga blocks


Printing on post-consumer recycled paper

100% recycled gift wrap bags and tissue for boutique purchases

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