Yoga Oceanside is about the essence and tradition of Yoga. Plain and simple. Whether in the quiet restoration of Yoga Nidra, or the energetic flow of a Sun Salutation, our teachers strive to make each class inclusive and accessible to all.

We honor the practitioner over the pose, the function over the form, and the tradition over the trend

Yoga, as intended, is a powerful and harmonizing practice of the body, breath, mind, and spirit. A nurturing environment and skillful guide is essential to reach the states of harmony available in our practice. Yoga Oceanside is committed to providing the space and teachers that inspire your greatest health, harmony, and happiness.

Our Intentions

  • May this space be a safe refuge to encourage your hopes and dreams
  • May this space bring peace of mind and laughter into your life
  • May this space provide healing and strength for your physical body
  • May this space deepen your connection to spirit and uplift your soul
  • May this space open your heart and mind to the truth of your unlimited potential

In Service to You

Dannette & Michael, Owners of Yoga Oceanside
Dannette & Michael, Studio Owner & Operations Manager at Yoga Oceanside

Our Studio

Green Yoga Studio

Eco-friendly yoga studio, constructed with environmentally-conscious materials.

Private Event Space

Private events and workshops in a 900 square foot studio space (fits 25 yoga mats or 75 seated).

Yoga Boutique

Specialty yoga-related clothing and gift items supporting local, eco-friendly, and organic suppliers.

Classes & Trainings

Yoga classes, workshops, and teacher training located in Oceanside, CA.

We are located at 1830 Oceanside Blvd., Suite E, Oceanside, CA 92054

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