A Season, A Reason, A Lifetime

A Season, A Reason, A Lifetime

Every relationship we have is said to serve a reason, a season, or a lifetime. And while it can be hard to release the relationships we cherish that are only with us for a short reason or season, the space they leave in our lives is fertile ground, ripe with possibility.

The season of Yoga Oceanside has come to end and the studio will be permanently closing on August 31st.

The pandemic has taken an unimaginable toll on the world, and Yoga Oceanside is just one of many business to succumb to the financial devastation it has created.

And while the signs have been clear some time that it was time to let go, it was you that inspired me to carry on.

  • You, the student who showed up to class with a smile and warm hello.
  • You, the student who let out a deep sigh of contentment each time you walked out of class.
  • You, the student who welcomed the new student sitting next to you and encouraged her to return.
  • You, the student who honored the tradition of YO and the deeper teachings.
  • You, the student who embraced the change of ownership and new thoughts on practice.
  • You, the student who bought a pass when you knew the studio was struggling.
  • You, the student who took the time to email me with gratitude and appreciation for the efforts to stay open.
  • You, the student who takes the deeper teachings of Yoga to heart, and shows up in the world as such.


You see, you are the essence of Yoga Oceanside, and wherever you go, there it will be.

As I have said to my teachers, you will have feelings about this. Allow them. Experience them, and then let them go. Holding on to what is ready to be released is one of the most depleting and least fulfilling ways to live.

It has been my supreme joy and honor to have spent this last year with you. I am forever stronger and more centered by the experience. Thank you!

Love & Namaste,

*Note for Existing Passes and Memberships:

Option One

For those with valid class passes and memberships, we will continue to live stream classes through August 31st. Beyond August 31st you will have access to our current online database of classes through the end of the year. We are not in the financial position to offer any refunds, and appreciate your grace and understanding.

Option Two

You also have the opportunity to transfer your membership to the School of Gentle Yoga’s new monthly online membership. Learn more about SGY monthly membership here:

To discuss this opportunity, please email me directly at [email protected]

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