Everyone is Essential

Everyone is Essential

Dear YO Community,

It has been nearly two months since we closed our sweet studio and transitioned to online classes. For each of us collectively, and individually, it has been a time of challenge, growth, contraction, and expansion. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, trust that it is okay and that you are not alone.

As I contemplate the future of Yoga Oceanside, I find myself curious as to how it will look once we reopen. And while I cannot yet picture all the nuances and changes that will be necessary, I can see that our online offerings will remain an essential and valuable component of the Yoga Oceanside culture.

To ensure Yoga Oceanside has a future, we need your help.

Currently we do not have the membership or revenue to sustain the expense of holding the space we all love so that we may return to studio classes, or to fund the costs involved with building on online library of quality videos and live classes.
So how can you help?

Support someone essential in your life or community by purchasing them a $49 Online Monthly Unlimited Yoga certificate.  

Who do you know that would benefit from the gift of yoga?
Who would you love to share the energy and spirit of Yoga Oceanside with?
It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. Maybe there’s a new mom in your life, or a mom that is homeschooling for her first time, and would appreciate some sacred “Me” time? Maybe you always wished you could bring your mom to class with you but she lives in another state?
How about your postman or UPS driver? Your favorite grocery clerk? Teacher? Restauranteur? Or one of the numerous health care workers who have so selflessly served? Who do you know that would benefit from the nurturing and heartfelt guidance of your Yoga Oceanside teachers?

There are no limits to who can benefit from your purchase. Everyone is essential.

Purchase a Gift Membership today. And in doing so you are creating a win-win-win: You are supporting someone you appreciate by giving them the gift of yoga.You are supporting YO financially with your purchase and helping to ensure we can continue in-person and online classes.You are introducing a larger student base to YO, creating a more sustainable and stable community.

As regular practitioners of yoga, you know that the gift of yoga is immeasurable and goes well beyond the short list above.
Please purchase a pass for someone you value today. Your team at Yoga Oceanside thanks you!

With Love and Gratitude, Dannette

Gift Membership – Online Monthly Unlimited
Steps to Purchase a Gift Membership:

Click on the Gift Membership button to process your Online Monthly Unlimited gift purchase. Once your payment is complete, you will receive an email prompting you to complete your purchase. Reply to that email with the full name and email address of the person you wish to receive the gift certificate. Yoga Oceanside will then email them the gift certificate with instructions on how to begin their online yoga practice.

NOTE: You may also opt for your purchase to go to an unspecified recipient. Yoga Oceanside is networking with local businesses to provide essential workers with free online yoga. Your gift membership can go to someone you know, or someone chosen by team Yoga Oceanside. Simply reply to the email you receive after your purchase with “You Choose” if you prefer this option.

Gift Membership – Online Monthly Unlimited

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